To Ensure Completeness, Validity, and Consistency

Data Migration Process

We support all major database platforms and operating systems

  • • Automated migration process with complete accuracy
  • • Much faster migration process with reduced time spent for data
  • • Cost effective and error free project delivery
  • • Proven methodology and best practices
  • • Higher productivity with enhanced performance
  • • Keep your business on track, by supervising regular data entry activities
  • • Extended application life
Data Cleansing

The quality of data is often evaluated to determine usability and to establish the processes necessary for improving data quality. Data quality may be measured objectively or subjectively. Data quality is a state of completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness and accuracy that makes data appropriate for a specific use.

Data quality pertains to issues such as:
  • • Accuracy
  • • Integrity
  • • Cleanliness
  • • Correctness
  • • Completeness
  • • Consistency
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